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RULES& IMPORTANT INF Please read our rules,Instructions,permitted file hosts list and banned sites list before posting

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Icon16 The general rules of a spymania-forum

By entering this Forum, you accept the following agreement:
This website contains adult-oriented material that may be offensive to, or illegal for some readers. This Forum also contains Explicit Adult Nudity material intended for individuals 18 Years (21 in some areas, please check local regulations) or older. If You are not over 18 Years of age (21 in some areas, please check local regulations), If adult material offends You or if You are accessing this site from any country or locale where adult material is specifically prohibited by law,or If you are offended by this type of material then: DO NOT ENTER THIS SITE.

We do not allow the following to appear on our site:
Anything that involves minors,persons under the age of 18,Bestiality,Rape,Racist content,warez,cracks,hacks,spamming.

Support ASACP RTA keeping kids safe.

Prohibited content

1.No under-age & Scenes with animals and violence!

1.1.-Do not post or exchange by private message any images, download links, hyperlinks or in any other way share material where the subject was under eighteen at the time that the material was made. (This includes all non-nude material).
1.2.-NO Under-age (virginz.info content included, NO Stickam webcam recordings)
1.3.-Animal (zoophilia)
Do not advertise your own site or blog.
1.5.-Death (snuff)
1.7.-Rape porn/Forced sex
1.10.-Mainstream movies (Hollywood blockbuster etc.)

(References, a photo, video, erotic stories, хентай, other images). The image in any way, by all means and in any kind of naked minors. The moderator regards a material adjoining on a children's pornography towards an interdiction of its placing and punishment of the author.

2.-No Spam or Adverstising
All forms of Spam or unauthorised advertising of any product or site are prohibited. Any post, thread or private message which contravenes this rule will be deleted and the perpetrator subject to immediate ban. This rule applies accordingly to affiliate or referral links. Do not advertise your own site or blog.

3 It is forbidden
3a. You MAY NOT use the forum for commercial purposes or post spam.
3b. You MAY NOT use money generating redirecting links (i.e. link-bucks, cash-url)
3c. DO NOT post links to websites, blogs or other forums.
3d. DO NOT post links requiring registration or premium subscription to download.
3e. Before posting, you must review:Allowed, Banned and Preferred Hosts.
3f. It is forbidden to spread a content representing fascists, nationalists, racists etc., in neutral, or positive light

4 Be Respectful ...
There are many females that browse,Let's try to respect each other and the women posted here. Do not use names like "slut", "bitch", "whore" etc... when describing women. It is offensive and we don't need that here!
Do not use the above terms in the titles of your post.
Do not use the following terms in your titles or in the content of your threads: very young, young, barely legal. If the girls in your thread fit these descriptions you shouldn't be posting them so use some common sense!

5. No banned or restricted content
Do not post or exchange by private message any images, download links, hyperlinks or in any other way share material from any site prohibited at spymania-forum. Some sites may be subject to restrictions on the amount or where material from that site may be posted. (See list of banned and restricted sites at the link below. This list is subject to amendment at any time)

You may NOT have more than one account.

7. Post in one thread

7.0 All posts must be entirely in English.
7.1 Do not open multiple, single post threads in order to share material. Unrelated material or material with a single theme (e.g. Redheads) should be combined in a single thread. All posts must be entirely in English
7.2 Show appreciation for posts by always

7.3 Send poster a private comment and reputation points by clicking
7.4 Help the moderators Report broken links, spam, phishing or other rules violations by clicking

7.5. Use thumbnails when posting pics instead of hot-linked images.
7.6. Include screen captures with file size, file type and playing time when posting video links.
7.7. Include sample images with file size and number of zipped images when posting picture links.

7.8 Do not start new threads with every post, instead update your existing threads. Members will see all your content in this section and they will not have to search for more of your posts. This will also increase your reputation as a poster.
Do not use all CAPS in thread titles.

7.9 Post In Proper Sections.
Never post hardcore content in the softcore sections!!
Post only softcore pictures in Amateur Softcore Pictures and only Softcore videos in Amateur Softcore Videos section.
"Hardcore" is: (a) anal or vaginal insertion; or (b) touching genitalia of the opposite sex.

7.10 After a message writing necessarily see it and in case of need rectify errors and slips. The moderator can close to you access to a forum if errors and slips meet in your messages regularly
7.11 References to video - archives should be no more than 399 Mb (Exceptions to the rules: orron.com no more than 1000 Mb)
7.12 If archive under the password, the password is spread in the file description.

8. Contact an Administrator, Supermoderator, Moderator if you have a problem with any staff member. Attacking staff members (or any forum member) in public will result in immediate suspension or banning.

9. It is forbidden to discuss publicly actions and decisions of moderators and administrative structure. You can appeal against against someone's actions in a private order, PM. For infringement of rules the system baned is provided, up to the lifelong blocking.

10. We may move, remove, merge or edit your posts without notice, in our sole discretion. When threads are cleaned don't be surprised if your comments disappear. Disregarding any rule will result in deletion of threads, warnings and/or bannings.

11. We reserve the right to change any forum rules without notice. Rules can be supplemented and change in due course forum administration.

12. Bumping, Post Flooding
Do not post a series of short “Thank you” messages or unnecessarily duplicate posts in order to increase your post count. This will be construed as “Post Flooding” and any post which is thought to contravene this rule may be deleted by the moderators. You won't get to VIP by doing so. Bumping own threads in purpose to get a "top ranking" in a category are not permitted.

Please Contact Us to report any illegal contents that appears on this site.

13. Do not post files, videos or photos, links in threads opened by other users!
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Default Re: The general rules of a spymania-forum

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